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Saturday, 8-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The one where AE when to a wedding?

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Fifi: all i know that it was a wedding ceremony....tu je...

Tuesday, 4-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Autoshow @ Shah Alam Stadium - 5th Dec 2004

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No review. I wasn't there. I tukang upload gambar je! -Fifi-

Monday, 13-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The one where AE went to the shop launching ceremony

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The day kicks off with all d engines being punctually on time as everyone were assembled at Carltex, Sunway at 10am sharp.

From there, we went for breakfast somewhere in Sunway. Someone has to go back and change from her baju kurung to some casual clothes because someone mistakenly thought that a wedding were suppose to be held on that day.
Yeah, that certain someone did get the DAY right, the wedding will be held on Sunday, but not this week, it's suppose to be the coming week.

We (there were 7 bugs altogether- Lan’s, Boy’s, Kecik’s, Mat’s, Kash’s, Umai’s and Fifi’s) arrived at Section 13, Shah Alam and stop at a shop where we were suppose to convoy with the others to the ceremony. But being the fashionably punctual engines, we were left behind and had to find our own way to the shop.

Thanks to a girl driver who happen to be very otai around Shah Alam, we manage to find the shop. The ‘SA CAR AUDIO ACCESSORIES’ where located at NO. 11, JALAN UTAS 15/C, SEK 15, SHAH ALAM. We receive a very nice welcome from the emcee who keep on saying “Selamat Datang diucapkan kepada KUMPULAN VOLKSWAGEN yang menambahkan keceriaan dengan kehadiran mereka yang berwarna-warni…(something like that la dia cakap). KUMPULAN VOLKSWAGEN????? What the heck??? Dia ingat kita kumpulan kompang ke???? Sedap-sedap nama Acoustic Engine, dia panggil kita Kumpulan Volkswagen???!!! Erm…takpe la….at least we get a nice welcome kan???

All the guests were given a number and there was a lucky draw session every each hour. Mira and Baby gets lucky once, but Kecik won three times that he have to asked Helena to take the prizes for him when his third number was called.

We were later joined by the sifu of VW, Abg Latif and his family. Oh yeah…I forgot to mention that our new member Zul was already there when we arrived. Kash called his friend Rashid to join us. And I can personally clarify Rashid as the cheeriest and happiest adult I have ever met in this world!! Yeah, his THAT cheerful…serious!

Around 5 o’clock we gerak from the shop and start heading to our next destination. I seriously don’t have any idea where we were going. I thought we were heading to a mapley somewhere in Klang. Tau-tau je dah sampai Tanjung Harapan! Btw, Tanjung Harapan is a popular destination in Port Klang. Thank god the weather was excellent on that day, not too hot. The place is nice, it was a good spot. Something different from our usual hangout place.

We left Tanjung Harapan around 7pm. On the way back, Zul’s bug rosak. So, we had to stop by the highway while waiting for Umai to fix it. Nasib baik ada abg umai…

Later on, we went to minum2 in a restoran in sek 7 shah alam. Fuhhh…i didn't know that the minum2 session could turn out to be a lecture session, no…more like a conference …thanks to our new cheerful member, Abg Rashid. And…did I mention that he lovvvveeee to talk??? Yeah…he really do love to talk.
After countless round of drinks, and before Lan get really piss of with the mamak, we make a move coz it was almost 10pm. Although Rashid’s still got a long list of story to tell, we manage to stop him.

It was a nice day out with the engines. It was tiring but it was nice… was awesome…hehehe..
Btw, welcome to our new members, Zul and Rashid.

p/s: All the statement mention above are corrects at the time of submission, except for all that involve the words ‘punctuality’. Yeah…go figure!!
Kudos to Boy for being the earliest engines to arrive! Well done!!


Wednesday, 1-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The macho n gorgeous faces of the club members ( if!)

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Fifi: ey guys, u dun mind i posted ur face in here rite? Kalu tak suka ckp tau, nnti i delete

if i miss anyone, pls inform me ya!

Tuesday, 30-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Acoustic Engine Club stickers

Faiz: here's the sticker for the front & the back...this time, it's final!

aris tee: cun habis sticker nie... syabas kat siapa yang design tu. very good job. nampak classic...

papa volksw: cayalah faiz...cun.....kreatif...cemerlang..heheheh..nih ko kena buat meeting nih...

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